Review for Nelson J Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 in 1 non-foaming shampoo


So, as you might imagine, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I found this in my cool little beauty box.  Actually I chose it, because Beauty Army is AWESOME!  I was intrigued when I saw the name and I am ALWAYS looking for new, cool hair things.  AND of course, beauty stuffs to make my life easier.  There is always a way!  Moving on….

If you used WEN at all this is a little bit different.  I wouldn’t say really good or bad, because I like WEN, but I think this much easier to use, WEN makes my arms hurt :-P.   But this product also does SO much more!  And I’m happy to say it lives up to the claims.  The 7 in 1 claim is that this product will replace the following products:




-Shine spray

-Smoothing serum

-Color protector

-Prestyling lotion

Yes folks, all of that.  And it does.  I have long, fine hair; so you can measure it against something.  The only slight complaint I have, is that when I let it air dry, it seemed a little flat.  But if I slept on it, TONS of volume!  When I actually took the time to style it, ie blow dry and/or flat iron, super shiny and smooth! And I can’t lie, I like the smell too!  It says Citrus Mint on the bottle but I didn’t notice a whole lot of the citrus, mostly the mint.  So it just came off as a really fresh mint smell to me.

Its super easy to use….after your hair gets a thorough rinse massage the shampoo all over your scalp real good.  This also gives you some ME time, for me anyways…I’m always a sucker for a good scalp massage.   As you’re doing this you’ll smooth it down the length of your hair.  I have to do 2 or 3 little dollops to cover everything.  Use a comb to distribute through to the ends and continue you on with your shower routine…leave on approximately 3 minutes, then rinse.  And that’s it!

As I read other reviews I noticed some were unhappy with smell, felt like they couldn’t rinse it out, etc…the typical complaints of most of these types of products.  Oddly enough some people said the beads bothered them….I don’t even notice them, unless I’m looking at my hand.  *shrugs* No idea.  So anywho, just wanted to throw that in there because its not one of the rare few products EVERYONE is fawning over but it is definitely worth a try if you’re lazy beauty like myself.  An 8oz bottle goes for $22, which when you really think about it, is a steal.  Beauty Army has it for sale on their website, and like myself, you can choose it as apart of your beauty box which is only $12/month.

Here is the website: Argan Oil 7 Non-Foaming Shampoo Feel free to message me with any other questions on my experience with this product!  2 thumbs WAY up, if there were any doubts. 😉

Happy lazy beauty treat hunting!


Welcome back!!

Life has been a bit of a roller coaster since I last posted and it sucked not being able to…but I am BACK!

Some help to the lovely invention, or popularity rather, of beauty boxes and well, my life straightening out a bit.

I apologize profusely to my followers! If you are still here, THANK YOU!

I will be up and at ’em again. So without further adieu….my latest review…..

If you’re a beauty fanatic this is a great chance to try some new stuff AND follow a great beauty blog!

Sparkle Girl’s Life

Hey Guys!! Today I have something very exciting to share with you all. When I logged on the other day I realized I had reached over 100 followers. When I started this blog I thought I would be lucky to have 10 followers let alone 100! To thank you all for your support I would like to host a giveaway. I will be giving away an August Julep Maven box.  The winner will be able to choose which of the 5 boxes they wantand I will order it straight through the website for the winner. This month I choose the “It girl” box for myself and I have pictured below what is looks like along with the other boxes you can pick from.

How to Enter and Rules:There are two ways to enter this giveaway. The first way is to follow me on WordPress and…

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Morning after QUICK beauty fixes

SO, having had a VERY late night out last night it inspired me to write a little something on what I do to counteract the scary effects of the morning after… know, when everyone can tell you had said very late night?  I’d rather tell people what a great time I had last night not let them see my tired looking skin and puffy, dark eyes.  Here are a couple of things I use to make this lazy girl look lively again!


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery serum – You will never need another night cream or treatment after trying this!  It’s beautiful blend of aromatic oils and herbs to your skin tired skin to glowing skin.  Whether you’re a good girl and wash your make up off before going to bed after the party(not me ;-)) or you put on in the morning before you put on your Garnier BB 😉 its effect are noticeable with a few hours.  They even make an eye serum now which is just as amazing!  This I haven’t tried, but never fear!  I have another quick fix for the morning after eye….



Garnier Anti-Puff roller – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff!  A cooling liquid that gently rolls over the dark, puffiness and with the help of caffiene it tightens the skin within seconds!  They have a formula with concealer too…..equally amazing and does double duty which, as you know, I’m all about!




So, how easy is that?? If you wait til morning, you’re still saved by these amazing products!  Massage in the midnight recovery, then roll on the anti puff solution and you’re good to go with the rest of your routine!

Argan oil….my beauty obsession!

One of my most favorite things in beauty right now is Argan oil.  Stuff from nature is always better for you AND you can use this stuff everywhere!  They’ve got it facial products, hair, products, even make up… can eat it too! So why you may not be taking advantage of this stuff…I don’t even know…but you should be!  Click the link above for a little history.

I’ve already integrated argan oil into my routine through hair products and now body, see my post: Princess skin in two minutes! for more about that.  The benefits are amazing and relatively quick.  Argan oil is super mosturizing and even heals to a degree.  I love it in hair products and I feel you see results alot faster than in other aspects.  SO, we’ll start there.


One of the shampoo and conditioners I was using was by Organix.  They have a couple of formulas now that they use argan oil in, but I was using the original formula in the blue bottle.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff!  Its also inexpensive and you can find it just about anywhere!

Now, I wanted to try something else, because like most beauty fanatics I am mesmerized by the next big thing! haha What I use now is by DermOrganic.  I bought the travel set so I could try the shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment, and the conditioning masque.  Yes, I still love Argan oil… I’m seeing you almost can’t mess it up.  Whatever you use it in, will make you look amazing.  And, well, who doesn’t love that?!


Now as I said if you follow the link to one of my previous posts you can fine, quite possibly, the most amazing skin care product to date….its a skin conditioner.  Yes, like the thing that follows shampoo.  It works the same way…..wash your body as normal but then you follow with a ‘wax’ so to speak.  You don’t need lotion, you don’t oil and you smell amazing….like a princess. 🙂

My next order of business after all this other awesome stuff I use is to get into a skincare routine that involves argan oil….which will be really hard for me, because I love the stuff I use.  But that means my skin can only get better right?  Now that I’ve said that, I suppose I need to share now don’t I? haha  Gives me another idea for a blog! 😉

There are so many other products out there argan oil now that I would love you lovely ladies to share in the comments!  Do you use them?  What do you love?  Let me know!

Your EASY, everyday face!

Now I’ve mentioned before that my day job is such that I don’t usually put forth the effort to do my hair and makeup on a regular basis….it just doesn’t make any sense.  But even when I do, or days off and I want to feel like a girl again I have an easy, fast, go to regimen, for looking pulled together.  So when I walk out that door I won’t scare people everywhere I go! 😉

Alot of this has been trial and error…..its really important to know what you love.  For those of us that do, you’d be surprised at how many don’t…and it took me a long time too, actually.  But when I want to do my face up to go out and run errands or a little shopping trip with mom, usually I don’t do a full face of makeup….I just can’t motivated enough for that for something simple.  So here’s my simple face:

Foundation: NO! I’ve already shared this, my Garnier BB!  It gives me smoothest canvas and so makeup like, there’s no reason to go back! I’m serious, ya’ll NEED to check this out!

Blush: Sometimes.  The BB gives me this beautiful glow that, depending on how ambitious I’m feeling, I’ll skip the blush sometimes.  I haven’t committed to one brand of blush yet (still learning ;-)) usually I go for powder in the summer, creme in the winter.  I like natural pink flushes.

Mascara: I think this is one love I’m fighting.  I was going to type that I haven’t committed to one on this either but I keep going back to Dior.  I LOVE Dior just about anything and their mascara is always amazing.  If I’m in a pinch and I’ve forgotten to replace an old tube, I usually go for Maybelline or L’Oreal.  Mascara is one of those things though, that if I wear nothing else on my face, I wear mascara.  I don’t need to, I have great lashes….just makes me feel more girly. 🙂

Lips: Ok, this is one I’m passionate about!  I have an endless battle with dry, cracked lips…bleeding if we’re in the winter time….I am the lip balm queen!  That’s another blog though, haha.  I have found the two most amazing lip glosses EVER….and these really do go everywhere with me.  Yes, both colors.  Lorac Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick is my obsession.  If I decide to throw one of these on I don’t need lip balm…yes they are that amazing!  I am always on the hunt for the perfect nude and I decided to branch out and find a really pretty pink that I could wear with anything as well.  The two colors are Muse and Vintage.

Now oddly enough, I discovered these pretty close to when they came out and I played around Sephora and decided to go with these two colors, and now they are selling them as a Nude Duo.  😉  Now will these colors look AMAZING on you…hmm, not sure, probably since they’re are selling them as a package, but its the quality of the glosses that I love.

Just in case….if I am feeling particularly lazy and forgo the gloss my fave lip balms are….

-Lip Service by Lush

-Kiss Me by Philosphy

-Any of the Kiehl balms


These are fave “discoveries” for an easy, put together face.  Guaranteed.  And if these dont’ work for you, find out what does!  There’s something for everyone and every lazy girl!

Have a great, EASY day lovely lazy girls!


PS – I’ve linked the Lorac glosses up to Sephora as it is my face playground!


I really apologize lovely lazy girls for not keeping my word. I’ve had a ridiculous schedule at work and I thought I could be super woman….work 7 days in a row, write blog, get my rest…..

Very unlazy girl like, isn’t? My problem is that I’m also an Aries.
So I’m a lazy girl who thinks she can do anything! Haha

I will get back on track next week! Until then have a lovely, lazy weekend ladies! Muah!

HELLO Flawless face!

This has been one of my lazy girl saviors!

The beauty balm is not a new product per se, but it has been quickly thrust into main stream in the last year or less.  And rightfully so, these things are the lazy girl’s BFF!  The one in particular that I use is Garnier’s tinted BB.  This amazing product has completely eliminated gunk foundations for me altogether!  I used to just use it as a quick way to pull myself together before the day job, which like I said, makes no sense for me to do myself up, but NOW this stuff goes everywhere with me…literally!

I love Garnier’s because it has a light and creamy formula and it smells pleasant….which is alway a plus, right??  I noticed a difference at the first couple uses, honestly, and you don’t need to use it regularly to maintain your flawless appearance 😉 (Don’t forget to maintain your skin care routine however! kohl_mAdverts has a lovely piece or two on skin care routines and products!)  Sometimes I just dab a little concealer under my eyes and go, sometimes I add a little more….blush, a little mascara, but the point is I NEVER have to add more!  You get a flawless face every time!

I havent heard alot of feedback on some of the newer ones, though I’ve had some people tell me that the new L’oreal one is a bit grainy.  Try them out though and see which one works for you!  The point is the idea.  Its a moisturizer and foundation in one…..and you know me….I always dig double duty!  There are a few out on the market and you should be able to find them everywhere….Target, Walmart, drugstores…..not department stores though.  Which is GREAT, because it means they’re inexpensive!

And who doesn’t love that?!

I’d love to have feedback on the other brands if you used them or at least tried them out!  And I always love trying out new stuff, so I will post any new finds as well!

Hope this was helpful and once again ENJOY LOVELY LAZY GIRLS!

Princess skin in two minutes

We’ll the start the blog of right!  I am super excited about my new find from LUSH!

NOW, I don’t know about you gals, but I am not one of those girls that can just suds herself up with a pretty shower gel and step out of the shower with the most gorgeous skin ever.  Ha! I wish!  I have to slather myself in lotion after every shower and that used to be one of my other lazy girl quests…until now!

Behold, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner!  The easiest skin beautifier EVER and it leaves you smelling like a princess!  It works just like a conditioner for you hair….slather it on, wait a minute or two then rinse it off.  YES, its that easy!  Carefully pat dry when you get out of the shower and your are an instant cover model with perfect skin….no lies 😉

It smells of rose absolute, light and not over powering and is chock full of good for your skin ingredients!  This company has a ton of other wonderful products too, so check them out!  What I love about them is that they are all about providing products that are all natural and safe for you and the environment….some of their stuff is even vegan!

This is product is a bit pricey, though you can purchase a small pot to try, it is worth every penny!  You will never want to go back to that time consuming task of drying off then slathering on lotion and waiting for it to absorb!

Follow the above links for all the details about this amazing product and to check out all the other awesome products by LUSH!


Introductions and juxtapositions

SO, starting something big and scary such as this probably goes against everything I stand for as a lazy girl…..but I am doing it anyways!

I am probably the ungirliest girly girl you will ever meet.  I am lazy.  Not that I am proud of it….just stating the facts.  But thanks to my mother, I have been instilled with a love of beauty and fashion….it has no price tag as long as it lasts.  Anything from cheap sunscreen to a designer coat….if you understand the value and quality of it all, the price matters not.  BUT I digress….

My day job is such that it makes absolutely no sense to do my hair and make up, at least on a regular basis….except when I feel like it.  So when I DO feel like it or am going out with family/friends the last thing I want to do is spend hours on hair and make up.  And trust  me, if you knew me, you would know I can’t hold my attention that long……hence, the lazy girl.

I am all about searching for the next product that will make my life easier!  Because just like any girl…I want to look like that model on the cover of Cosmo…..just not the all day in the beauty department part.  I also look for good for you products when possible too!  Who wants to put all kinds of nasty chemicals and gunk on or into them?? Yuck!

SO, it sounds hard right?  Stuff thats good for your body AND multitasks?? Yes and no….the hardest part will be for me to bring it to you!  And being the quintessential lazy girl that I am, if I find it, use it and LOVE it….then it will be your lazy girl beauty’s BFF!

I hope you enjoy what I post and do and find something to feed your lazy girl mojo!

This will be a process as I learn along the way how I want to set this up, so PLEASE, PLEASE, give feedback and/or post questions abou what you’re looking for and I will hunt it down!

Thank you for joining me and ENJOY LAZY GIRLS!